Workshop 2016

The following presentations were presented at the 6th International Workshop on Breathing Pacemakers in 2016 and are available to download below in PDF format.
Note: The attached files are in PDF format. If you do not have a compatible program to open PDF documents, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Diaphragm Pacing Presentation Presenter: Shafeeq S. Ladha MD
Presentation:“Indications and Preoperative Evaluation of Patients”
Download Dr. Shafeeq S. Ladha – Patient Indication and Evaluation




Presenter: Cathy E. Shin MD FACS FAAP
Presentation: “Pediatric Diaphragm Pacing: A Thoracoscopic Approach”
Download Dr. Cathy Shin – Pediatric Diaphragm Pacing: A Thoracoscopic Approach




Presenter: Anders Jonzon MD
Presentation: “Experiences of Phrenic Stimulation”
Download Dr. Anders Jonzon – Experiences of Phrenic Stimulation




Presenter: Dilys M. Gore PhD
Presentation: “Company Statistics October 1969 – September 2016”
Download Dr. Dilys Gore – Company Statistcs




Presenter: Don Headley, MD
Presentation:“Considerations and Complications of Cervical Implantation”
Download Dr. Don Headley – Considerations and Complications of Cervical Implantation




Presenter: Pelle Nilsson MD PhD
Presentation:“Phrenic Nerve Stimpulator Cervical Implantation”
Download Dr. Pelle Nilsson – Phrenic Nerve Stimpulator Cervical Implantation




Presenter:Elias B Rizk MD
Presentation:“Cervical Approach to the Phrenic Nerve – Pearls and Pitfalls”
Download Dr. Elias B Rizk – Cervical Approach to the Phrenic Nerve – Pearls and Pitfalls