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Central Sleep Apnea With The Diaphragm Pacemaker


When Carl would awaken in the morning, he would still be tired, groggy and bit fuzzy. He told his daughter, Tracey, he felt like he had not slept at all. He would be tired throughout the day, yet doctors could not find anything wrong. Tracey’s son Cash has CCHS and is implanted with an Avery [...]

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Quadriplegic Pacing 24 /7 after 16 Years on a Mechanical Ventilator


In 1994, Khaldoon, a 17-year old honors student and swimming champion from Syria, suffered a spinal cord injury in a diving accident leaving him a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic (tetraplegic). 16 years later, he was implanted with the Avery Breathing Pacemaker and was pacing 24/7 less than one year post surgery. In 2015, after four years of [...]

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Martina Pacing 10 hours a Day Just Two Months Post Surgery


Martina was born with hydrocephalus. Eight days later, a VP shunt was placed in her head to drain the l fluid from her brain. At age of three, she was admitted to the pediatric ICU of the Hospital Clínico Magallanes in Punta Arenas, Chile due to a blockage in the shunt. She suffered a brain [...]

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Understanding Mechanical Ventilation for Quadriplegia


One of the major issues facing persons with quadriplegia is the need for breathing assistance. While an injury at the C5 vertebrae or lower typically does not affect breathing, injuries above the C4 do often require ventilatory assistance. Individuals with injuries at the C1 and C2 level are dependent on assistance for breathing. Typically, [...]

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Marissa, a twenty-seven-year-old nursing student, has been pacing since 2007. She was diagnosed with CCHS at three weeks old. She had a trach and was mechanically ventilated at night while asleep until she was paced at age 18. During a sleep study conducted in late 2015, it was discovered she was suffering from Obstructive [...]




In 1999, Ryo became a quadriplegic because of a traffic accident with his motorbike. He remained in the hospital for 15 months tethered to a mechanical ventilator. After 15 months in the hospital tethered to a mechanical ventilator, Ryo was implanted with the Avery Diaphragm Pacing System at Fujita Health University. Five short months [...]




In November 1993, Willie was paralyzed after diving into the pool at his high school. Thanks to his quick thinking friends, he was airlifted to Johannesburg General Hospital in South Africa. In July 1994, Willie was implanted with the Avery diaphragm pacemaker. Willie first heard of the pacer when his General Practitioner had told [...]




In 2002, at the age of 52, Dalen fell from a ladder and was rendered a C2 quadriplegic and ventilator dependent. In 2014, Dalen was implanted with the Avery diaphragm pacemaker to replace his mechanical ventilator.  He is now pacing 24/7, and is enjoying his freedom from the ventilator. Since being implanted, his health [...]




Tina lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. Tina suffered with pneumonia for nine months starting in October 2008. Doctors later diagnosed Tina with a rare and congenital condition, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin. The deficiency of Alpha-1 can cause lung diseases in adults, and therefore is referred to “genetic COPD.” “I am doing great, I pace [...]




Nico is a 28-year-old man with CCHS living in New York, USA. He has been pacing since 2006. He earned his MPA in 2013 and has worked with nonprofit organizations in New York, California, and Texas. He is the only CCHS patient to serve two yearlong terms in AmeriCorps. Nico is a board member [...]