Nicolas was born June 1993 and became a C1-C4 quadriplegic following a horrific traffic accident when he was just 20 days old. Nicolas was soon transferred to the care of the University of Padua. There, at the age of nine months, he became one of the youngest patients ever implanted with a diaphragm pacing system.

Using the excellent mobility and safety afforded him by his diaphragm pacing system, Nicolas has been able to travel extensively with his family. They have traveled across Europe including trips to Spain, France and Switzerland as well as many local trips in Italy. Nicolas, now 17 years old, is currently attending school in his hometown of Rimini, Italy.

Pediatric Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia, also known as tetrapalegia, is the loss of voluntary movement and sensation in all four extremities, and usually results from a cervical spinal cord injury (SCI). Other conditions, such as a brain stem lesion or spinal meningitis, may also result in quadriplegia. After the patient is neurologically and orthopedically stable and cannot be weaned from mechanical ventilation, a diaphragm pacing system should be considered.